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Self Storage New Rochelle

Big Mikes Moving Co offers Moving and Self Storage Services.

Everybody needs a self storage facility services eventually.

Whether you are currently living in your own or rented house, it is possible you can transfer from one location to another location at any time. Hence, from time to time, people need affordable moving and storage services to move their properties from one location to another location.

Sometimes, people and businesses plan to move another location, but their new destination isn't quite ready. At other times, people need additional storage while selling their house. So the need for moving and storage services is always arising.

When You Need Moving and Storage Services

    • Job relocation: when you got new posting place across town or the country.
    • Storage service for staging a home: when you are planning to sell your home, then you need some space for storage
    • Military moving or storage: some people are serving in our nation’s armed forces. Many military people temporally posted to another location usually need this service.
    • Moving to or from school: whether your schooling has been completed across your home or country and you wanted to move to another location, then these companies help you during and after college.
    • Renovating your home: if you are planning to renovate your home and you need additional storage to store your luggage safely you can choose this service.
    • Extend travel storage: if you are planning a tour for two or more months and you are worried about your valuable items. You can use this service to store your valuable items.

    In the market, there are many companies that provide affordable moving and storage services. Most of the companies are full-service moving company and have a license also. These companies provide their service s in the following areas -

    Residential moving

    In residential moving, they cover if you want to shift from one home to another home, want to move some heavy items to one place to another place.

    Commercial moving

    This involves moving whole office equipment from one location to another or one city to another city. Commercial moving covers corporate offices, computers, copiers, servers, office equipment, furniture, medical equipment, etc.

    Advantage of moving and storage services

    • They have very secure, indoor, dry storage. So you can store your luggage tension free.
    • Pre-move packing and packaging at your home
    • You do not need to pay for more space than you need, only pay for the containers you use.
    • Trained moving specialists load your luggage very carefully and transfer to another location safely.
    • Your properties are protected inside a tractor or trailer while moving at long distances

    Moving and storage service cost

    Moving and storage services cost depends on the type of the service you take from them. Normally they charge according to weight or distance.  If you are planning to move up to 100 miles, they will do at an hourly rate which includes 2 to 4 men (depending on your needs; more person can be provided). If you are planning long distance moving over 100 miles, they charge based on weight.

    You can request a customized moving quote online. On the other hand, we can send our experienced moving experts to start early moving plan with full assessment of your moving needs.