Rochelle Park


A small, largely white town with nothing to do, ever. People walk around town like they own it, when they probably don't even own the clothes on their back. It really blows, because everyone, the kids & their mothers & their fathers & the mothers father's mother are all evil skanks. There's a CVS, a sushi place, Carlock (which is now locked?), and this place in the park where sketched-out druggies go to congregate. 

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There's also a golden statue of Jesus encased in glass. At the 711 they don't check your ID for cigarettes. The mall is really close by, but the mall is borring. I think the Tasteful Deli has changed owners 920348 times in the past month. In conclusion, Rochelle Park has scary rabid animals that come and bite scarier people.



Things to do in ROCHELLE PARK

A small town in Bergen County, New Jersey where nothing exciting happens. It has a school that goes from Pre-K to 8th Grade called Midland School, which pretty much sucks now since it has gone through so many changes in the past few years. Across the street from the school is a church with a big statue of Jesus stuck in a glass elevator. 

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