Wykagyl consists primarily of sprawling, residential parks and planned communities built in the early to mid twentieth century, featuring large period-style homes and large well landscaped lots. Architectural styles include Elizabethan and Cotswold Tudors, Mediterranean-style villas, and classic colonials. Colonial, ranch and split level homes typical of the 1950s and 60's dominate the northernmost end of the community.

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Wykagyl Country Club traces its origins all the way back to 1898, a time when golf in America was just taking shape with the construction of the first courses in Westchester County and other parts of the Northeast. 

Today, Wykagyl is one of the most enjoyable and beautiful courses in the country and it all started when a group of ardent sportsmen - anxious to pursue the new game - met and formally organized the Pelham Country Club (no relation to the present club of the same name). Land was leased, and a nine-hole course was staked out on a tract just beyond the New Rochelle line, on the north side of the Boston Post Road. Soon after its formation the Club boasted 125 Members. 


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The Disbrow land had a history of its own. Over the acres where wedges and five irons now cut through grass, Indians and early pioneers of Dutch and Huguenot ancestry once roamed. In fact, the history of the land probably gave the Club its name, though the story of how the prestigious and colorful title came into being has a mysterious and amusing twist. 

The move from Pelham Manor to New Rochelle meant, among other things, that the Club needed a new name. One of the original Members, William K. Gillett, was appointed to be a committee of one to pick a name. He came up with Wykagyl. For many years it was thought that Gillett had simply taken the letters W, K, G, and L from his own name, changed the I's to Y's, added an A in the middle for euphony and found a distinctive name for the club, and his own private joke to chuckle over.

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