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Piano Moving Service

If you have a piano and have ever tried moving your piano across a room, then you can imagine how difficult it can be to move it down the hallway, then down the stairs, and finally, out of the front door. The secret to moving a piano successfully is proper planning and execution. Even though the soft shell of a piano is too delicate, the inner workings of this keyboard instrument are much more vulnerable to damage during relocation.

Two preliminary precautions to take are what kind of piano you have and how this piano should be moved. You can hire a licensed piano moving company that provides long distance moving service. It assures all the things about moving the piano from one place to another place. Moving company’s experts provide the best quality materials to protect your belongings while moving.

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No matter how difficult a piano move may seem, there is one thing always to keep in mind which goes; if anyone could get it in, then it can be gotten out. An average piano has a weight of around 227 kg. This makes it a tall order for anybody. In addition to its weight are the 200 finely tuned strings inside and 1,000 moving parts. Our piano moving company specialists are well trained to examine the environment of the move and bring out a strategy to get the piano out in the easiest and safest possible way.

If you are very conscious about your piano or having trouble to find the best piano moving companies, then there are many companies that have a license to move a piano safely. Just be sure to verify the license claim before handing over your valuable assets.

Piano Moving Service in New Rochelle Is Fully Licensed and Insured

We all know playing the piano requires a lot of practice, and also, successfully moving a piano takes a lot of practice and effort as well. This is one good reason why you should hire experts. If you have not time to waste, you can get the process started with us today.

Part of our core value is to offer peace of mind and maximum security with our moving services. Of course, most customers have a lot of sentiments towards their pianos. Some of the benefits you can receive from us include:

  • Competitive Piano Moving Prices

  • A Crew of Experts Nearby

  • Long Distance & Local Move

  • Rigging and Hoisting

  • Room-to-Room Piano Delivery

Piano Movers New Rochelle's Other Services

In addition to moving a piano, we also provide other moving services like fine art relocation, packaging, and supplies, packing and unpacking services, storage units, commercial moving and many more. Our prices are competitively affordable. And you are guaranteed no surprising charges during and after the move. We’ve got a long list of satisfied, reference clients to prove this beyond our own written or spoken words.

Early planning ensures a fast, smooth move that doesn’t exceed the customer’s schedule. So we invite to request a quote from us today. Just let us know when it will be convenient for us to come to your home or office for a full assessment and custom quote.